Teleios Code Jam 2018

Teleios Code Jam 2018 has begun. This year's Teleios Code Jam features Innovating in the Caribbean Coconut Industry as it's theme. Here's the structure of TCJ this year. We hope you jump in and build great solutions

Teleios Code Jam 2018.

Teleios Code Jam 2018.


Stage 1: Build

At Teleios Code Jam 2018 Training, the Teleios QuikWorx Rapid Application Development Platform was presented. 

Create a team at the Teleios Code Jam Portal, now.

Teams will need to build solutions based on the this year's theme, using QuikWorx.


stage 2: Present

On September 21, teams will present what they've built before a panel of industry representatives. Our Diamond Sponsor for Teleios Code Jam 2018, CARDI is sending selected teams to present at the 2018 Caribbean Week of Agriculture



During the week of October 22-26, Teleios Code Jam will conduct its final stage for 2018, the challenge.

The TCJ Challenge is a one hour coding event that presents 5 questions of increasing difficulty to teams participating in TCJ.

The Conclusion

This year, three teams can receive TTD$10,000.00 as part of the prizes for building solutions that effectively meet needs in the Caribbean Coconut Industry. Along with that, there will be prizes for most innovative solution, best team in the TCJ Challenge and more.