The CARDI Ideas Hub

For Teleios Code Jam 2018, successful participants will build for the theme, "Innovating the Caribbean Coconut Industry". The Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI) is our Diamond Sponsor for TCJ10. CARDI's emphases for the Coconut Industry are:

  • Enhancing the range of value added products and growing business and entrepreneurial activities.

  • Improving production, productivity and efficiency

In the Teleios Code Jam 2018 Training Day, we recorded Lorenzo Hodges of Plain White Table, Inc as he walked through the ideas we share below. You can view the entire session here or use the ideas below as starting points for building your solution.


Producer and Processor data

There's currently insufficient information about the coconut producers and processors in the industry. Let's close the data gap.

  • Lack of information in the industry

  • No farmer data

  • Limited land use data


Pest and disease management

Some countries have pests and diseases that affect the growing of coconuts. Importing from those countries could be harmful to both plant and human health. We need to get this under control.

  • CARDI scientists would need to know so they may facilitate the movement of the materials. They need a means to make the calculation efficiently.

  • The quarantine officials need to be able to access credible information

  • All players have to agree to the methodology

  • Farmers will rely upon the advice from CARDI or their Ministry of Agriculture.


Waste management

Waste materials from coconuts could be used in very productive and creative ways. Unfortunately, the waste is sometimes dumped in waterways leading to pollution and flooding.

  • Waste dumping causes pollution

  • Waste materials could be reused

  • How do you track waste?

  • How do you know when waste is available?


Food safety

Food safety is a global concern. Consumers of coconut products need the assurance that whatever they buy and consume is good for them.

  • There are no regional standards for coconut-based products on the shelf

  • Consumers need assurance

  • Research has found issues with the coconut water on

  • St. Lucia story


Solution Ideas

For these issues and more, there are a number of solution ideas, including:

  • Online registry for farmers

  • Marketplace for buyers and producers

  • Online exchange for planting materials

  • Quality Assurance and compliance application

  • Disease management dashboard

These were all introduced at TCJ's Training Day.