HackTT 2019 Awards

Engaging students and faculty about the world of software development has been one of the main goals of Teleios Code Jam from its inception. For HackTT 2019, iGovTT invited Teleios to partner with them, thus continuing the work TCJ had been doing for the last 10 years.

During the course of the competition, Teleios facilitated sessions on topics such as software quality, remote work, project management and technical interviews.

6 teams made it to the finals, Agile Dvlprs, Mystic and Dec3pticons all from UWI, Andros from UTT, Kaizen Koders from UTT and Code Innovators from COSTAATT. Three winners were selected, Agile Dvlprs, Andros and Kaizen Koders.

Well done, Daniel and Naomi!

Well done, Daniel and Naomi!

Both Daniel Gordon (TCJ 2017, 2018) and Naomi Padmore (TCJ2017) have done really well at Teleios Code Jam before, winning in 2017 and 2018.

They were also on the winners rostrum at HackTT as members of Agile Dvlprs. We encourage iGovTT to keep providing spaces like this to encourage new software developers to build real-world solutions, collaboratively.

Dale Wilson & Irwin Williams were judges at HackTT this year and celebrated with the 2019 winners at the Award Ceremony.