What is Working?

Teleios is a sponsor at the government of Trinidad & Tobago’s inaugural innovation exercise, HackTT.

HackTT is a competitive event hosted by the National ICT Company Limited (iGovTT), where tertiary-level students across Trinidad and Tobago will work on software projects, with the goal of creating solutions to be used by the Government, for the benefit of the citizens.

So, one of the things we'll be doing is presenting sessions on various topics on Software Engineering. The first such topic we addressed was Testing. The video below features Keisha Mark-Peters, Manager of the SaaS Ops group at Teleios. She introduces the need for testing generally, talks about types of testing and then ends with a brief demo of Unit Testing.

We’re glad to partner with iGovTT to build deeper insights in the minds of prospective software developers about our industry.


Keisha Mark-Peters

is the manager of SaaS Ops at Teleios. She’s played a number of roles there, from writing code, to QA to helping drive Teleios Code Jam. She’s also into Sci Fi and thinks that Airiam is the hero we deserve (Discovery fans get this).