TEDx 2019: Taking tech on the road

This is a guest post by one of our interns, Deron Khelawan.

On Friday 20th September, Irwin and I went to TEDx Port of Spain at Queens Hall. TEDx presentations have always been interesting to me but I never imagined I’d be given the opportunity to sit in on one. When we arrived, things were quiet and a lot of the other companies were still setting up their stalls. I had a vision in my head of what Teleios’ table would look like; screens everywhere displaying cool tech videos – so I made sure we could have something that resembles that.


Our first visitor was a school girl who seemed enthusiastic to learn about Code Jam, internship opportunities and even Teleios in general. I began to think that if we allowed people to use the HoloLens, it’ll attract more visitors and encourage them to ask more questions. After that first girl put on the HoloLens and began using it, swarms of her classmates began to surround our booth all with one interest, the HoloLens.


Along with that, some other students came up to me asking questions about Teleios Code Jam and I was happy to assist and include some valuable advice for their future. As the day progressed, people came with questions about TCJ, jobs at Teleios, the HoloLens or simply to look at the various videos showing on the screen, some even came to take selfies with our Teleios Code Jam banner.


The Microsoft HoloLens is a device that uses virtual reality to help individuals create solutions, collaborate or communicate more effectively. Irwin and I decided to employ the HoloLens as part of our display not to advertise a Microsoft product but to display an actual tool used in Teleios Code Jam 2018. Last year, the theme for Code Jam was “Innovating the Coconut Industry” and Teleios’ own team, known as ‘Team Unbeatable’ used a HoloLens in their solution to help local coconut farmers sell their products in a more efficient way.

I’ve always found Ted Talks fascinating, not only because they highlight creative and innovative minds but they also teach you some valuable life lessons. That being said, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit in on this one. Many speakers came and gave their perspectives on the current state of society whether it be the poor system of government, the twisted perspectives of people or the need for more productivity. Each individual either gave their perspective on how society can be changed or they spoke about their life challenges, how they conquered them and how they hope to use what they learnt to make society better.  In summary, the one pattern that was evident throughout each speech was the mindset to press through life, embrace challenges and make success out of failure.


This year’s theme for TedX Port of Spain was ‘Opportunity’. This theme fits perfectly into the core objective of Teleios Code Jam – to provide local students with the opportunity to use their skill and expertise to solve real world problems. Along with this base, Code Jam also provides students with skills and mentors that will be extremely useful in their studies along with their future careers.