The Power This Week: DSL with Anand Singh

Hey there,

Every week we run these sessions where members of our team share something they've learnt or that they think useful with the balance of the Teleios community. We call this PowerHour.

Sometimes, we'll share them with the rest of the world. It may be live - we did a few of those last year and will come back with that format. The session may be pre-recorded.  

Today, we're sharing a session where our presenter was Anand Singh. Anand is a Developer Lead, Architect and general cool guy (he knows Jiu JIt Su, so his coolness is like legit). Anyway, in this session, he shares with us about Domain Specific Languages.

This session is a Skype For Business call that we recorded, so you might see some chats, you'd hear interjection and people will just ask random questions. We hope inside of that flow, you get some value from it, just like we certainly do.

A few technologies to look out for:

  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • Teleios' QuikWorx
  • Microsoft's Language Understanding Intelligence Service