Yes! First Teleios Code Jam 2017 Challenge Takes Off!

Teams engaged in Challenge 1 at UWI

Teams engaged in Challenge 1 at UWI

We kicked off the TCJ Competition this year at the Design Lab 1 at the University of the West Indies on Thursday September 14. More than 30 students, some in teams others running solo joined us to share in the fun. 

“It was so cool to be able to hack through the solutions to the challenge with my team”
— Team TG/Christian Fraser

They might not all call it fun. Some teams didn't have a compiler and resorted to using online versions. This was allowed, though generally, the challenge is a test of algorithmic skill and less so search engine prowess. Apart from that, there were few limits on the creativity on the TCJ participants.

One question asked students to calculate the number of weeks between two dates. Another asked them to create a Morse Code parser. Teams undertook varying strategies to complete all five questions - some split up, questions per member. Others collaborated on every one. At the end of the hour, few looked like it was enough.

Thankfully, there are two other Challenge events. The second takes place at COSTAATT South on September 21 from 3:30 pm. Students from any university can attend any of the TCJ Challenge events. Finally, the Challenge stage comes to a conclusion on Saturday 23rd September at the School of Business and Computer Science, from 3:00 pm.