Teleios Code Jam 2017: Our New Programme


Teleios Code Jam in 2017 is searching for teams that are diving into the thoughts, tech and tools that altogether make for a Smart City.  
At TCJ, the definition of Smart City we're working with is: 
"Environments that are deliberately designed that leverage knowledge to proactively make the lives of citizens better".  
In 2016, We wanted to see teams build solutions that demonstrated Smart City; Smart Country thinking. Smart Country wasn't just an add-on. Including Smart Country was a way for the TCJ team to emphasize that Smart City thinking can have significant knock-on effects. 
This year, we’re looking at Smart City in four dimensions: Sensors, AI, Reality and Security. 

Behind The Code 

We want to shed some light on the developers who produce solutions locally.  There will be three episodes featuring three local developers.

Smart City Series

This will be used to highlight how TCJ Partners & Sponsors are using the technologies that make for a Smart City. 

TCJ Training 

TCJ is developmental. Done well, whether a participant makes it to the finals rostrum or not, they should grow and discover more about themselves and the world around them by exercising the skills they have been gaining in class.
This year, we’re introducing a focused training component to the TCJ experience. There will be sessions on: 
•    Minimally Viable Products
•    Test-Driven Development
•    Presenting Your Innovation

TCJ Competition 

The TCJ Competition will start in September. It will feature the TCJ2016 structure. That is, 3 portions of competition will take place, starting with the Challenge, then Presentation and concluding with the Grand Presentation. 
The Challenge Stage will change this year to allow team-based participation.