Before you get to Phase 2

Discussing presenting at Phase 2 for the Teleios Code Jam Finals.

Discussing presenting at Phase 2 for the Teleios Code Jam Finals.

The folk at the Teleios Code Jam Build Team thought we'd share some advice about how teams can prepare for phase 2 (the presentation phase) of the Teleios Code Jam season this year.

Remember, TCJ has three phases, 

  1. Phase 1 - Code: Send us your software development solutions
  2. Phase 2 - Present: Display the solution you built
  3. Phase 3 - Build: Answer the call of the challenge on the day in a one-hour coding challenge.

The Build Team held a session with some of the teams from this year about presenting at Phase 2. When we started we asked them about why they participated in Teleios Code Jam. The answers were enlightening. Some students jumped in because it provided a different avenue for learning. Others liked the camaraderie of building something cool with friends. The possibility of winning a prize and garnering acclaim was attractive to a few more and rounding out the responses was simply, exposure.

All these students provided us with valuable feedback on what they expect to get from the Teleios Code Jam process. It was very good to hear.

Teleios sees a number of valuable outcomes from conducting the TCJ, which align closely with what students and mentors get out of it. We also are glad to be bringing together different universities, with interest from the five largest local tertiary institutions as well as our industry stakeholders and partners.  More information on the TCJ2015 sponsors & partners can be found here.

During our session, we entreated each team to be clear on their mission.  When they stand before the audience,  it will be obvious which teams were solid in terms of their mission and which teams were not.  

It was emphasized that the audience at Teleios Code Jam is a varied set. It includes industry representatives, much of the Teleios family - the Build Team and Team Unbeatable, too. It also features various members of the Tertiary Level Institution fraternity.  Since the TCJ finals is streamed online, it can provide opportunities for audience members to be from anywhere across the globe. Thus, presenting at Teleios Code Jam brings participants into contact with future teammates or even employers.

We want Teleios Code Jam presenters to have strong, compelling presentations read in Phase 2. Thus, we pointed participants to the insightful talk by James Whittaker - the Art of Stage Presence.

Our session was fairly short, we closed off reminding the teams present of the new requirements for the TCJ Finals:

  • Team Photo
  • Brief Team Bio
  • Team Video
  • Project Demo

Each team then spent a brief time chatting with Lorenzo Hodges, a Teleios Sales Executive, about their specific projects.

He coached them on how to consider the Human Impact of their ideas and how to present it.  

Teleios Code Jam Finals Day is November 5, 2015.