Pow(AR) Hour: Live Augmented Reality


We recently started looking at augmented reality on the web. We found a great library, ArgonJS that allows developers to add AR content to websites. A pair of interns, Jeremy (ARDan) and Joshua (PikoDan) who spent a few weeks at Teleios spent time investigating ArgonJS and stumbled upon Aframe. 

Aframe is a set of tools and techniques that was first developed to further the mission of bringing Virtual Reality to the web. As it turns out, work was done to use Aframe with ArgonJS as well to also use Aframe for AR, too. There are great examples of using Aframe with ArgonJS ,here.

So, in the next Teleios Power Hour another one of our interns, Joshua "CanaDan" Allum (a different Joshua) will talk about how he used ArgonJS, Aframe, Sockets and Bots to make a voice controlled reality. 

Can words change reality? Why yes, yes they can.

We'll post the details for streaming on this page at 2:00 pm, on Friday 11 August.