Teleios Code Jam 2017 Theme

The theme is Smart City.  

The theme is Smart City.  

Teleios Code Jam in 2017 is searching for teams that are diving into the thoughts, tech and tools that altogether make for a Smart City.  

At TCJ, that the definition of Smart City we're working with is: "Environments that are deliberately designed that leverage knowledge to proactively make the lives of citizens better".  

We wanted to see teams build solutions that demonstrated Smart City; Smart Country thinking. Smart Country wasn't just an add-on. Including Smart Country was a way for the TCJ team to emphasize that Smart City thinking can have significant knock-on effects.  Here's a quick look at what some of the teams created last year:

Team SLight proposed Traffic monitoring that would have benefited both the driver and the power company.  

Team Konnectics spoke to enriched consumer information. A smarter shopper, making more choices based on actual data from home encourages wise behavior that benefits us all.  

Team TG proposed an effective crowd monitoring solution that can have impact far beyond determiningwhen to go line up for food or not.  

Team Old & Restful wanted to build intelligent billboards.  

And the eventual winners, Team 5G built a prototype that can inform and possibly help reduce the electric consumption at home.  

All these came from student teams in last year's TCJ. 

This year, in our Smart City emphasis, we want teams to see how closely technology intermingles. Thus, our Smart City projects this year should feature combinations of technology that enables delivering solutions.  

These are the four dimensions of technology TCJ is focusing on this year: 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Sensors 

  • Reality 

  • Security 

Teleios Code Jam this year wants to feature projects that combine at least TWO of the above technologies.  

When you see AI up there, we don't mean that you have to start from scratch. So much of tech today is built on the shoulders of others. AI means you have incorporated Cortana or Alexa or some other intelligent API to your solution.  

Sensors is the name we're applying to the all the tech around Things. It could be a rain gauge, or a camera or an accelerometer. If it reads what's happening in the physical environment and you can build a solution with it, have at it!  

Reality? Well, we wanted a way to capture all the coolness of AR, VR and MR. If your solution incorporates a Hololens or a Google Cardboard or a Sony Vive, bring it down! 

There are so many ways Security can be represented as a concern when talk of Smart City is raised. Where it's based on identity management, or the way data is stored or how it's shared, how will your solution deal with these concerns?  

So, that's the theme of TCJ 2017. Smart City: AI + Sensors + Reality + Security.  

What will you build?