Teleios Code Jam 2016


The theme this year for Teleios Code Jam is "Smart City; Smart Country".  We're calling on participants to provide solutions that can help advance infrastructure, comms, business, social life and even essential services to residents in a city.

The goal behind this theme is to see teams field solutions that incorporate some of the understanding they would have gleaned from IoT with the modern movement to pervasive technologies. 

Apart from that, we're shaking things up a bit! :) 


Innovation through software design and development is a primary emphasis for Teleios Code Jam. In 2016, we’re rolling out a modified approach to the programme.


All TCJ Roadshows will be virtual. Viewing can be done from any location. We intend to have 3 roadshows, exploring our theme this year, fielding questions and having discussion on possible ideas around the theme. In the true spirit of the TCJ Roadshow, they will be open to students of all schools.  For the first time, TCJ partners and sponsors will be invited to share content at the Roadshow level.  It will be an opportunity for teams to hear from industry on how they see the theme unfolding. 



TCJ continues to have three stages. However, the order and requirements for stages have changed. Read on.

Stage 1 – 1-hour challenge

TCJ Stage 1 will be the new Challenge Stage. 
In past TCJs, the Challenge was an hour long sprint on the Finals day.  We're bringing the Challenge up in the calendar.  
Teleios Engineers will visit designated Challenge Locations and deliver the TCJ Challenge for that day.  
It will still be 60 minutes. 
It will consist of 5 questions of increasing difficulty. 
There are expected to be 3 locations. 
The questions will be different across locations. 
It will not be mandatory to participate as a team. That is, an individual can compete at the Challenge phase, and join a team for the later stages of TCJ.

Stage 2 – Team presentation

A video presentation of what teams intend to build for TCJ's theme this year should be done. The requirements for the video will be shared later on. 
Stage 2 judges will view and score these idea presentations. Their feedback will be sent to teams for the final solution. 

Stage 3 – Grand submission

The final stage of TCJ will involve students sending their solutions to the TCJ Build Team for evaluation. 
Teams will be required to:  

  • Submit a URL to a source control repository featuring their assets.  This repo can be GitHub, Bitbucket, Visual Studio Online or other.   
  • Demonstrate evidence of Quality Assurance in submission. 
  • Submit a video showing the working application. 


Having received all the submissions from teams, the TCJ Finals will be more focused on celebrating the season of TCJ, highlighting discoveries, participants, winners and of course seeing what Team Unbeatable has to share. 

So, friends, looking forward to seeing how your solutions make your city Smart!