Join us for Teleios Power Hour!

This Friday we’ll be doing Teleios Power Hour Live.

What’s a Power Hour you ask? Well, it's usually an internal knowledge sharing hour, where different learnings about products/technologies/methodologies/code etc are dispensed by employees from various departments. The presentations range from PowerPoint presentations to actual hands on approaches to new and fun things.

This week we’ll be looking at FaceBook Bots! All of us have used bots before, some of us without even knowing it. Ever sent a text to a short code for a promotion? Ever used Siri, Cortana or Google Now? Are you old enough to have used Microsoft Clippy? If the answer is yes, then you my friend have used a Bot. Once you’ve used an application that performed an automated task, be it setting an alarm, asking for the weather or searching online, you used a Bot.

The FaceBook Messanger Platform, which we will be using to make our bots this week, allows you to converse with people on their Messenger service. The platform allows you to structure your messages in a variety of ways. You can sendsimple text and images or you can even use their structured templates to customize your bot’s message bubbles with image, text and several buttons in one message.

Join us this Friday the 29th as Skynet goes live… well, at least on YouTube Live for our bot-making event using Facebook bots. Isn't the world wonderful?

- Peter.


Here's the presentation!