Teleios Code Jam 2017 Results

This has been the best Teleios Code Jam ever! We commend all of the teams who embraced the TCJ process and journeyed with us across all three (3) stages of the competition. We especially commend the teams who submitted their Smart City ideas and solutions. We congratulate them all for their accomplishments.

Winners of Teleios Code Jam 2017

First Place :  Team VisioTech

First Place: Team VisioTech

Second Place :  Team Kings

Second Place: Team Kings

Third Place :  Team MIND

Third Place: Team MIND

    Special Prizes

    Best in Challenge: Team TG

    Best in Presentation: Team VisioTech

    Best in Grand Submission: Team MIND

    Most Innovative Solution: Amigos++


    Congratulations to all teams who participated in the Teleios Code Jam programme!