TEDx 2019: Taking tech on the road

This is a guest post by one of our interns, Deron Khelawan.

On Friday 20th September, Irwin and I went to TEDx Port of Spain at Queens Hall. TEDx presentations have always been interesting to me but I never imagined I’d be given the opportunity to sit in on one. When we arrived, things were quiet and a lot of the other companies were still setting up their stalls. I had a vision in my head of what Teleios’ table would look like; screens everywhere displaying cool tech videos – so I made sure we could have something that resembles that.


Our first visitor was a school girl who seemed enthusiastic to learn about Code Jam, internship opportunities and even Teleios in general. I began to think that if we allowed people to use the HoloLens, it’ll attract more visitors and encourage them to ask more questions. After that first girl put on the HoloLens and began using it, swarms of her classmates began to surround our booth all with one interest, the HoloLens.


Along with that, some other students came up to me asking questions about Teleios Code Jam and I was happy to assist and include some valuable advice for their future. As the day progressed, people came with questions about TCJ, jobs at Teleios, the HoloLens or simply to look at the various videos showing on the screen, some even came to take selfies with our Teleios Code Jam banner.


The Microsoft HoloLens is a device that uses virtual reality to help individuals create solutions, collaborate or communicate more effectively. Irwin and I decided to employ the HoloLens as part of our display not to advertise a Microsoft product but to display an actual tool used in Teleios Code Jam 2018. Last year, the theme for Code Jam was “Innovating the Coconut Industry” and Teleios’ own team, known as ‘Team Unbeatable’ used a HoloLens in their solution to help local coconut farmers sell their products in a more efficient way.

I’ve always found Ted Talks fascinating, not only because they highlight creative and innovative minds but they also teach you some valuable life lessons. That being said, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit in on this one. Many speakers came and gave their perspectives on the current state of society whether it be the poor system of government, the twisted perspectives of people or the need for more productivity. Each individual either gave their perspective on how society can be changed or they spoke about their life challenges, how they conquered them and how they hope to use what they learnt to make society better.  In summary, the one pattern that was evident throughout each speech was the mindset to press through life, embrace challenges and make success out of failure.


This year’s theme for TedX Port of Spain was ‘Opportunity’. This theme fits perfectly into the core objective of Teleios Code Jam – to provide local students with the opportunity to use their skill and expertise to solve real world problems. Along with this base, Code Jam also provides students with skills and mentors that will be extremely useful in their studies along with their future careers.

My first time as a career-day hero.

This was an interesting experience for me as it was the first time that I engaged in such an activity.

Irwin and I were the representatives from Teleios and we interacted with six different groups of children

for fifteen minutes each(approximately 8-12 persons per group). Overall they were responsive, receptive and did not hesitate to ask any questions.

As expected some children were not sure about which pathway they wanted to pursue in the future. However, they were still open to having a listening ear to see if what we do will peak any sort of interest in them. For those who had an idea of what they wanted to pursue, they had more questions linked to the pathway in getting to where we are. They were interested in the subjects I did in high school and what is the criteria or pre-requisites for getting a job in the software or Information Technology field.

Since the time per group was relatively short, those who had a genuine interest in the field were given the opportunity to interact with and use the Hololens to be exposed to a more practical view, of an example of things that can be done in this industry. One interesting thing that was noteworthy was the fact that the students who were not interested in going into the Information Technology field were still interested in knowing how the world of IT can fit into their career choice. Even after the entire session was done, I was approached by a student who said she did not get time to come to our station. She wanted to be a pediatrician and was interested in how technology can help her to have a competitive edge in that field. To me that was an amazing thing.

From this it was evident that we were not trying to impose what we do unto them but they understood the importance of Information Technology in the world we live in. So now they have a greater appreciation for the use of technology and apply it to their particular field.

- Kerisha.

Talking about opportunities in the software industry

Talking about opportunities in the software industry

Kerisha Stewart is a software engineer at Teleios. She’s worked with the Software and Solutions Group, Teleios Code Jam team, and MessageCentral.

Kerisha is proficient at web development and is developing expertise in observability and application telemetry.

She also brought the Blitz game to Teleios and has been seen dominating the table from time to time.

Caribbean Developer Month 2019 - Let's Make a Game!

For Caribbean Developer’s Month 2019, two engineers at Teleios participated in the game-based hackathon.

Akash and Geon both submitted games and shared their process below at a Teleios Power Hour event.

Well done, guys!

Akash Harriram is a distinguished software engineer at Teleios. He’s been building mobile, web and cloud solutions for a number of years there and continues to inspire the team with creative games and other innovations.

Geon Bell is an operations engineer and database engineer at Teleios. Operations at Teleios can be intense. Geon and his fellow DevOps team keeps the ship of Teleios apps running wherever they are deployed. On-prem, VM, Cloud, it doesn’t matter, they make things work.

Power Hour: TDD & Unit Testing Demo

Last week, Keisha presented on testing in general at Teleios. We wanted to continue what she started by using a Teleios Power Hour episode to focus on test driven development and achieving that with unit testing.


Anand Singh

is a Principal Software Architect & Platform Evangelist at Teleios. He explores the patterns and practices we use at Teleios and makes them efficient and beautiful. A fan of Kaizen (the philosophy and the restaurant), he is often heard espousing the virtues of focus and attaining flow, especially when engaged in one of his hobbies, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Teleios Code Jam 2018 - Presentation Day

Teams came up to Teleios Systems’ Head Office at 4 Queen’s Park West to present their solutions for this year’s Presentation Stage on Friday, September 21.

Presentations are judged by industry representatives, which this year included:

  • Dale Wilson. Chief Information Officer at TELEIOS

  • Lorenzo Hodges. CEO at Plain White Table, Inc.

  • Joan Petersen. Trinidad and Tobago Country Representative at CARDI

  • Learie Roberts. Marketing Manager at Massy Technologies InfoCom

Some teams had a few challenges with completing their solutions, and described what they were going after. At the presentation stage, judges are curious about the rationale for a particular implementation and ask questions in that vein.

These were the categories the judges used to evaluate projects:

Uniqueness - Unique, useful idea; locally appropriate application or problem-solving approach

Use of Technologies - The use of the technologies selected is ground-breaking, appropriate and novel

Feasibility - Solution is technically AND economically feasible. Has a low cost-benefit. Low effort for delivery.

Theme - Solution delivers strongly on the theme. Solution has a well-defined scope.

Presentation - Clear and concise explanation of the team’s solution, reasoning and aim. Team collaboration and cohesiveness is present. Presenter engaged audience.

Now that the Presentation Stage is behind us, use the TCJ Portal to submit your projects by October 8. Do reach out to the TCJ Build Team via email (codejam at teleios dash systems dot com), Facebook or Twitter if you have any challenges with your solutions. As a reminder, the Presentation Stage accounts for 30% of your final TCJ score. However, the solutions submitted by teams will account for 50% of the overall tally.

Up next: TCJ Challenge Week!