Power Hour: TDD & Unit Testing Demo

Last week, Keisha presented on testing in general at Teleios. We wanted to continue what she started by using a Teleios Power Hour episode to focus on test driven development and achieving that with unit testing.


Anand Singh

is a Principal Software Architect & Platform Evangelist at Teleios. He explores the patterns and practices we use at Teleios and makes them efficient and beautiful. A fan of Kaizen (the philosophy and the restaurant), he is often heard espousing the virtues of focus and attaining flow, especially when engaged in one of his hobbies, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Teleios Code Jam 2018 - Presentation Day

Teams came up to Teleios Systems’ Head Office at 4 Queen’s Park West to present their solutions for this year’s Presentation Stage on Friday, September 21.

Presentations are judged by industry representatives, which this year included:

  • Dale Wilson. Chief Information Officer at TELEIOS

  • Lorenzo Hodges. CEO at Plain White Table, Inc.

  • Joan Petersen. Trinidad and Tobago Country Representative at CARDI

  • Learie Roberts. Marketing Manager at Massy Technologies InfoCom

Some teams had a few challenges with completing their solutions, and described what they were going after. At the presentation stage, judges are curious about the rationale for a particular implementation and ask questions in that vein.

These were the categories the judges used to evaluate projects:

Uniqueness - Unique, useful idea; locally appropriate application or problem-solving approach

Use of Technologies - The use of the technologies selected is ground-breaking, appropriate and novel

Feasibility - Solution is technically AND economically feasible. Has a low cost-benefit. Low effort for delivery.

Theme - Solution delivers strongly on the theme. Solution has a well-defined scope.

Presentation - Clear and concise explanation of the team’s solution, reasoning and aim. Team collaboration and cohesiveness is present. Presenter engaged audience.

Now that the Presentation Stage is behind us, use the TCJ Portal to submit your projects by October 8. Do reach out to the TCJ Build Team via email (codejam at teleios dash systems dot com), Facebook or Twitter if you have any challenges with your solutions. As a reminder, the Presentation Stage accounts for 30% of your final TCJ score. However, the solutions submitted by teams will account for 50% of the overall tally.

Up next: TCJ Challenge Week!

Power Hour: On Flutter

At Teleios Power Hour this week, Kneckel Bruce, one of our Software Developers in the Software and Solutions Group presented on Google's mobile UI framework, Flutter.

Here's his presentation.


Kneckel Bruce

Software Developer in the Teleios Software and Solutions Group

Solution Designer on Teleios PowerWorx 

Secretly an artist at heart, occasionally he leaving expressions of awesomeness on the whiteboard.

He often discusses technology and design and cars on social media. He thinks Destiny is the bees knees. 




Power Hour: Stay SASSy with Peter


Peter Teelucksingh, one of our Senior Software Developers at Teleios Systems shared with us on the beauty & the power of SASS

In this Power Hour, we started with defining what SASS is, what it can do and some ideas for how to use that at Teleios.

We recorded the session and it's available here:


Peter Teelucksingh

Senior Software Developer at Teleios Systems.

Works in Azure, ASP .Net, SharePoint and other web technologies.

Sometimes he wins at Halo (other times, he's defeated by Seenath and Aaron).

Peter helps coordinate Team Unbeatable at Teleios Code Jam and is a member of the Teleios Power Hour Committee