Teleios Code Jam (TCJ) is an internationally recognized software development programme, which seeks to inspire and motivate students to collaboratively solve real-world problems.

TCJ goes beyond just the development of software skills. We develop our youth to be critical thinkers and thoughtful innovators.

I have learnt so much in TCJ. At first when I faced certain challenges, I wanted to give up. But I learnt to persevere.
TCJ was a great experience. I could see this being a stepping stone to my future. It has been fun. Something I did not expect.
— Shekinah Budhai (SBCS)


Join our programme and level up. Go beyond the classroom and design solutions for real. 


Join us as we provide a platform for transforming our youth into active problem-solvers.


Join us as we provide a forum where your students can grow their skill set and be positively challenged to apply what they’ve learnt.