We create a practical environment within which students can apply what they have learnt.

We are passionate about partnering with educators in achieving these goals, and producing young innovators. We understand the desire for your students to graduate being adequately equipped to operate and thrive in the working world.

Expose students to more

Go beyond the confines of the classroom and the curriculum. Gain opportunities to expose students to experiences which reinforce and augment what is taught in the classroom.

Get input from Industry 

Meet industry professionals and get feedback on student ideas as well as insight into the local industry. Our industry experts provide developmental guidance directly into student projects.

COllaborate with Educators

Interact with other educators from other faculties and institutions. Join and contribute to the local conversation around innovation and software development so that we may enhance our local and regional capacity.


Enhance the learning experience


TCJ provides a developmental context within which students can learn and be rewarded. Our participants have all matured in the process and grown into better critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Get Involved

Get your school involved and activate your student teams. Contact the TCJ Build Team for more information.