Teleios Code Jam 2017

TCJ is an internationally recognized software development program, which seeks to inspire and motivate students to collaboratively solve real-world problems. Our programme has grown in order to ensure have greater transformative impact on the students who participate. 

Our 2017 Theme: Smart City


Each year we have a theme which informs the societal or technology focus of the programme. This year, our Theme is "Smart City". We define Smart City as "Environments that are deliberately designed that leverage knowledge to proactively make the lives of citizens better". 

There are four groups of technology which we will explore: 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Sensors 

  • Mixed Reality 

  • Security 

 New Programme Structure

We have upgraded our programme to incorporate other elements beyond the competition. We will provide more inspiration, more exposure and more technical and soft skills training further maturity development for participants. In the end, we expect a more mature student to emerge from the programme. The new components include: