A key objective of Teleios Code Jam is to inspire participants to be creative and explore the possibilities through software, and what better way could we drive the point home, than to “walk the talk”. Enter Team Unbeatable, an exhibition team from within the ranks of Teleios. This team, whose members change each year is a staple at every TCJ, and although they are not allowed to compete they are dedicated to putting their best foot forward, bringing a fun, fresh and honest perspective to the experience of software creation, whilst embodying the principles that the TCJ is built upon. Here's a look at Team Unbeatable's solutions over the years. 

Team Unbeatable 2015


Solution: Smart Retail was an eye tracking and face mapping solution that was designed with machine learning to track the age and gender of the individuals via face mapping. Further more this then provided a suggested attire for the individual.

Technologies used were:

Team Members: Heidi Alert, Keisha Waithe, David Hamilton, Tyree Smith and Ikechi Griffith.



Solution: prototype of a smart drone

Technologies used:

  • A.R Drone

Team Unbeatable 2013


Solution Presented: Designed, built and created a Multi-touch table.

Demo of custom presentation software, a game and a music DJ application.  A video of it can be seen here [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFSEgrNoAlg]

Technologies used: Microsoft Xbox Camera; Infra-red illuminators.


Team Unbeatable 2012

Solution Presented: Demo to show that visual presentations and other activities can be powered by the MSFT Kinect, which reads the body language of the presenter.

Technologies used: Microsoft Kinect.

Team Unbeatable 2011

Solution Presented: A robot prototype called RALF which can be controlled by mobile phone (SMS, Bluetooth). 

Used to highlight the potential use of remote operated vehicles in the Caribbean for high risk situations, such as gathering intelligence on volcanic terrain, searching through rubble after an earthquake, or with un-manned railway transport systems which can be utilized in larger Caribbean territories.

Team Unbeatable 2010

Solution Presented: Geo-tagging demo, showing how to incorporate Bing to locate places of interest for leisure, or in cases of natural disasters e.g. flooding. Developed for the web.

Technologies used: Bing SDK incorporated with Geotagging.

Team Unbeatable 2008

Solution Presented: Demo of SMS to voice, utilizing a SKYPE call where the audio was played via the speech SDK.

Technologies used: SOAP-based API, the SMS Push Service, C#, .NET; Microsoft Speech SDK.