Teleios Code Jam 2014 competition winners, Team B.H.A.D of the UWI St. Augustine

In the spirit of innovation and development, Teleios Code Jam 2014 (TCJ) took place on 16 October 2014 at Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.  TCJ 2014, currently in its sixth year, started this year on the heels of winning a global Microsoft award in July 2014.  This year’s theme was “The Internet of Things” and out of 74 registrants representing 16 teams, six teams were selected to present in the final event. The six finalist were

  1. Keenan Charles, Shanta Sukhoo and Anikha Achee of Team Baked Goods from UWI;
  2. David Charles, Nicholas Mendez, Daniel Mendez, Aaron Yuk Low and Warren O’Connell of Team Dawn from UWI;
  3. Steffan Boodhoo, Jevon Alexis, Jherez Taylor, Anthony Hosang and Akash Manohar of Team B.H.A.D. from UWI;
  4. Kerri-Ann Bailey, Kevin Griffith, Andrea Sylvester, Amanda Young and Kevin Mahon of Team Belabour from COSTATT;
  5. Shaad Mohammed, Neil Ateem, Tianna McLeod, Annalisa Nancoo and Yarrah Ramnarine of Team Peregrine from COSTATT;
  6. Jonathon Durant, Vicky Harripersad, Brent Ragoo, Rajiv Maharaj and Justin Joseph of Team Xenoflux from SBCS.

Teleios Code Jam Build Team. L-R - Nicholas Pallai, Ikechi Griffith, Keisha Mark, Jesse Berkeley, Paula Simon, Irwin Williams and Grayson Alert (online)

Cloud and Mobility Manager at Teleios Systems and part of the Build Team for Teleios Code Jam, Irwin Williams, started the day by emphasizing the purpose of Teleios Code Jam, which is to build capacity in young developers in T&T.  There was also celebration of the development of TCJ over the years, and recognition of the global Microsoft award.

The six finalist teams presented prototypes of ideas using the Raspberry Pi. Presentations included a neighborhood based alarm system, a fusion of technology and carnival costumes, an automated greenhouse, a system to enable a smart house, a grocery management system and also an automated home lighting system.

Team Unbeatable, a team from Teleios Systems, showcased a prototype of a smart drone. “Standing on the shoulders of giants” was a key message of Team Unbeatable and Ryan Shripat, Senior Developer at Teleios, encouraged all the teams to both recognize the giants in the ICT industry, and also to see themselves as giants who have a responsibility to help continue building the industry. Team Unbeatable was a first of its kind for the competition, comprising of only two technical members and three non-technical members.

Jessica the A.R Parrot Drone being controlled by Team Unbeatable.

First place in the competition went to Team B.H.A.D. (Steffan Boodhoo, Jevon Alexis, Jherez Taylor, Anthony Hosang and Akash Manohar) from UWI who won $8,000 TTD. They were followed by Team Dawn (David Charles, Nicholas Mendez, Daniel Mendez, Aaron Yuk Low and Warren O’ Connell) who won $6,000 TTD. Taking the Third place was Team Baked Goods (Keenan Charles, Shanta Sukhoo and Anikha Achee) also from UWI who walked away with $4,000 TTD. 

Awards were presented to the winners of each of the 3 stages of the Teleios Code Jam competition, as well as prizes for the Most Innovative Solution (sponsored by Massy Technologies InfoCom) - which went to Team B.H.A.D, bmobile Best App Mobile Prize (sponsored by Blink|Bmobile) - which went to Team Belabour (COSTAATT), Best Code went to Team Baked Goods who received 5 Movie Towne vouchers and Best in Presentation went to Team Dawn who also received 5 Movie Towne vouchers.

After the presentation of the awards, Ronald Hinds, CEO of Teleios, spoke on the desire to see Teleios Code Jam move beyond a coding competition to a place where the ideas presented by students could find investment and opportunities to develop further into commercially viable products. This element will be built into future iterations of the programme, but starting from this year, teams were invited to participate and showcase their prototypes at the National ICT Symposium held at Hyatt in November 2014.

Ronald Hinds, C.E.O of Teleios Systems Limited, closing with words of encouragement for participants

Sponsoring the event this year were RBC Royal Bank, Columbus Communications and Massy Technologies InfoCom as platinum Sponsors. Blink Bmobile, Council for Competitiveness and Innovation and the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business as gold sponsors. Microsoft Trinidad as the silver sponsor and Teleios Systems Limited and BrightPath Foundation as device Sponsors.