Power Hour Lights!


In this episode of Teleios Power Hour: Live, we returned to the light! 

The last time we explored doing things with lighting on Power Hour, it involved using a particle.io device to change colors based on the status of a build. This time, we went for using the Raspberry Pi and making it light an LED and we did it using 4 languages. This episode was actually the first one conducted by an intern at Teleios, Seenath "HydroDan" Gooding.

In the video below, you hear Seenath take us through the simple breadboard setup and then go from using bash to Python, then JavaScript, C# and C++ to get the LED going. 

Good job, Seenath!


Power Hour: Live [Episode 6]

The team from Teleios is back at it again! After a brief hiatus, when families expanded and a few guys turned 30, we'll be having another installment of Teleios Power Hour: Live on Friday, March 10 at 2:00 PM AST.

At Teleios, we've been revisiting the SOLID principles of Object Oriented Programming. Anand Singh, one of our Developer Leads at Teleios gave us a feature to implement with a few requirements, just last week. In the episode, we'll talk about a few approaches, keeping SOLID in mind.

It should be fun! Well, it should be a good opportunity to share and learn, together :)

[We'll stick the live video here closer to when we're getting started]


Power Hour is on!


Teleios is hosting its third Power Hour: Live session today @ 2:00 pm AST.  We're going to demonstrate some groovy stuff featuring how we do builds in our Application & Lifecyle Management process, and how we explore IoT in that space.

Is that vague? Yes, it is. We'll be sharing the light later today! 

Looking froward to seeing you!



Join us for Teleios Power Hour!

This Friday we’ll be doing Teleios Power Hour Live.

What’s a Power Hour you ask? Well, it's usually an internal knowledge sharing hour, where different learnings about products/technologies/methodologies/code etc are dispensed by employees from various departments. The presentations range from PowerPoint presentations to actual hands on approaches to new and fun things.

This week we’ll be looking at FaceBook Bots! All of us have used bots before, some of us without even knowing it. Ever sent a text to a short code for a promotion? Ever used Siri, Cortana or Google Now? Are you old enough to have used Microsoft Clippy? If the answer is yes, then you my friend have used a Bot. Once you’ve used an application that performed an automated task, be it setting an alarm, asking for the weather or searching online, you used a Bot.

The FaceBook Messanger Platform, which we will be using to make our bots this week, allows you to converse with people on their Messenger service. The platform allows you to structure your messages in a variety of ways. You can sendsimple text and images or you can even use their structured templates to customize your bot’s message bubbles with image, text and several buttons in one message.

Join us this Friday the 29th as Skynet goes live… well, at least on YouTube Live for our bot-making event using Facebook bots. Isn't the world wonderful?

- Peter.


Here's the presentation!

Teleios Code Jam 2016


The theme this year for Teleios Code Jam is "Smart City; Smart Country".  We're calling on participants to provide solutions that can help advance infrastructure, comms, business, social life and even essential services to residents in a city.

The goal behind this theme is to see teams field solutions that incorporate some of the understanding they would have gleaned from IoT with the modern movement to pervasive technologies. 

Apart from that, we're shaking things up a bit! :) 

The New TCJ Structure

Innovation through software design and development is a primary emphasis for Teleios Code Jam. In 2016, we’re rolling out a modified approach to the programme.


All TCJ Roadshows will be virtual. Viewing can be done from any location. We intend to have 3 roadshows, exploring our theme this year, fielding questions and having discussion on possible ideas around the theme. In the true spirit of the TCJ Roadshow, they will be open to students of all schools.  For the first time, TCJ partners and sponsors will be invited to share content at the Roadshow level.  It will be an opportunity for teams to hear from industry on how they see the theme unfolding. 


TCJ Stages

TCJ continues to have three stages. However, the order and requirements for stages have changed. Read on.

Stage 1 – 1-hour challenge

TCJ Stage 1 will be the new Challenge Stage. 
In past TCJs, the Challenge was an hour long sprint on the Finals day.  We're bringing the Challenge up in the calendar.  
Teleios Engineers will visit designated Challenge Locations and deliver the TCJ Challenge for that day.  
It will still be 60 minutes. 
It will consist of 5 questions of increasing difficulty. 
There are expected to be 3 locations. 
The questions will be different across locations. 
It will not be mandatory to participate as a team. That is, an individual can compete at the Challenge phase, and join a team for the later stages of TCJ.

Stage 2 – Team presentation

A video presentation of what teams intend to build for TCJ's theme this year should be done. The requirements for the video will be shared later on. 
Stage 2 judges will view and score these idea presentations. Their feedback will be sent to teams for the final solution. 

Stage 3 – Grand submission

The final stage of TCJ will involve students sending their solutions to the TCJ Build Team for evaluation. 
Teams will be required to:  

  • Submit a URL to a source control repository featuring their assets.  This repo can be GitHub, Bitbucket, Visual Studio Online or other.   
  • Demonstrate evidence of Quality Assurance in submission. 
  • Submit a video showing the working application. 

TCJ Finals

Having received all the submissions from teams, the TCJ Finals will be more focused on celebrating the season of TCJ, highlighting discoveries, participants, winners and of course seeing what Team Unbeatable has to share. 

So, friends, looking forward to seeing how your solutions make your city Smart! 



Teleios Code Jam: An enabler of Local Innovation.

Teleios Code Jam 2015 winners Team Black Ice of the University of the West Indies St. Augustine.

On Dec 17th 2013, Petrotrin (Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago, experienced the worst environmental disaster in its history affecting residents of the La Brea community in south Trinidad. To date, this environmental disaster continues to affect the marine life and the national fishing industry. One of the largest downfalls with disasters such as this is the response time. 

Two years later, three students of the University of the West Indies St. Augustine (UWI) won the grand prize for the Teleios Code Jam 2015 Finals with their presentation- Ocean Guard, a possible solution that could have brought faster awareness to the outbreak of the disaster. Team Black Ice, creators of Ocean Guard suggested that with their solution the relevant authorities would have had ample time to respond to such a disaster.

Teleios Code Jam 2015 Theme: The Internet of Things IoT

Creativity, Collaboration, Vision and Innovation are words that continue to stand as the foundation of what is demonstrated at Teleios Code Jam (TCJ). In its seventh edition, the Teleios Code Jam Finals took place on 5th November 2015 at the Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business.

The TCJ 2015 Finals had a variety of presentations from seven teams having advanced through the 3 stages of the competition. Institutions represented at this year’s finals were the University of the West Indies (5 teams) and the College of Science, Technology and the Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) (2 teams). The TCJ Build Team felt the need to continue to further explore the rich world of the “Internet of Things” which was this year’s focus. This was also the theme of TCJ 2014.

The phrase "Teleios Code Jam is enabling!”, became a key opening statement that was expressed by Teleios Code Jam Build Team member, Irwin Williams, as he encouraged the students and audience here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Teleios Code Jam Build Team member, Irwin Williams.

“Teleios Code Jam is much more than the code you present here today. Teleios Code Jam will let you enable local innovation” a comment made by Irwin as he spoke of the diverse synopses received from the participants in this year’s competition portion. 

Finalists were required to design and create solutions that use the Raspberry Pi, the internet and varying technologies as components for their presentations. The presentations and prototypes on the day varied from a real-time data health service system for patients and doctors in the health sector for T&T, a system to enable oceanographers to actively monitor ocean activity remotely. Others included a household system to monitor water levels in water tanks, a car park availability solution, an automated greenhouse system, to tourism data service and finally a real time advertising solution with the use of beacons.

Here are the seven finalists for TCJ2015 were:

  1. Gerard Rique, Jonathan Earle and Sanjay Dookhoo of Team DregHIS from UWI;
  2. Vijay Bhagaloo, Nived Sankar, Marc Kowlessar of Team Black Ice from UWI;
  3. Shivam Singh, Alex Fakira, Rajeev Paltoo of Team Counter Logic Coding from COSTAATT;
  4. Anderson Singh, Keneil George, Craig Subnarine and Matthew Stewart of Team M.A.C.K from UWI;
  5. Alana Warden, Danelle Modeste, Shiva Ramoudith, Mikkel Hayes of Team M.A.D.S from UWI;
  6. Che Lewis, Javon Webster, Chazz Fung, Arun Singh of Team #NoChill from UWI;
  7. Joshua Ramoutar, Franze Khan, Akeel Quamina of Team Super Smash Coders from COSTAATT;

Prizes for the Teleios Code Jam 2015

Below is also a breakdown of the winners of TCJ 2015.

Best Code – 2015 Code Winner: 

  • Team Black Ice (UWI)

Best in Presentation – 2015 Presentation Winner: 

  • Team Black Ice (UWI)

Best Challenge – 2015 Challenge Winner: 

  • Team Black Ice (UWI)

Most Innovative Solution - 2015 Winner:

  • Counter Logic Coding (COSTAATT)

3rd Place Winner- Cash Prize of $4000 TT

  • 2015 3rd Place WINNER: DregHIS (UWI)

2nd Place Winner- Cash Prize of $6000 TT

  • 2015 2nd Place WINNER: MACK (UWI)

1st Place Winner -Cash Prize of $8000 and Flow special prize of 6 months Free 150 MBps Turbo Package Flow Broadcast

  • 2015 1st Place WINNER: Black Ice (UWI)

As an internationally recognized competition, TCJ 2015 was streamed live to a global audience attracting hundreds of views from a variety of nations like Kenya, United Kingdom, Belize, United States and even our neighbouring islands Barbados and Jamaica.

Teleios Code Jam 2015 Sponsors

Sponsoring the event this year were RBC Royal Bank, FLOW and Massy Technologies InfoCom as platinum Sponsors. Microsoft Trinidad and exporTT as gold sponsors. Digi-Data Systems and the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business as our venue sponsor also silver sponsors. Teleios Systems Limited as device Sponsors.

Teleios Code Jam 2015 Sponsors

Teleios Code Jam 2015 Sponsors

Teleios Code Jam Focus & Update Meeting with Educational Stakeholders

Irwin Williams, TCJ Build Team member listens to feedback from lecturers and mentors at SBCS

Irwin Williams, TCJ Build Team member listens to feedback from lecturers and mentors at SBCS

The Teleios Code Jam (TCJ) calendar has officially started and planning for this year’s program is already underway. On Thursday 5th March, 2015, members of the TCJ Build Team met with faculty representatives from several tertiary institutions at the SBCS campus in Champs Fleurs. Representatives from the UWI, USC, COSTAATT, UTT and SBCS were in attendance, and listened to the feedback the team gave on the performance of the teams in last year’s program, as well as their thoughts and considerations for this year and beyond.

TCJ 2014 introduced the participants to the world of the “Internet of Things” and we saw many innovative and interesting concepts presented by the teams, where they incorporated the provided Raspberry Pi’s into their solutions. The level of thought and creativity displayed by the teams are a testament to the potential and skill that we have resident in our budding developers and entrepreneurs. In fact a couple of the teams were invited by Teleios’ CEO Ronald Hinds to the National ICT Symposium last November to participate in a panel discussion which focused on Innovative Youth.  We can only imagine that this year the participants will raise the bar with their ideas and solutions, and exceed our expectations once more.

For more information about the Teleios Code Jam and to stay abreast of the calendar of events, please visit the recently launched website at www.teleioscodejam.com or contact the team at codejam@teleios-systems.com.